Relationship Counselling


At Jean Little we have over 23 years experience of working with couples and relationship counselling. Some people see couples counselling as a last resort , however this is not always the case. Relationship counselling can help with specific issues you are having difficulty working through and can help build trust, commitment and understanding within the relationship. It could be that you are having difficulty communicating at the moment or you are both holding onto past hurt from previous relationships.

Counselling offers the opportunity to explore your relationship and issues together  in a safe and non judgemental environment.


You do not need to be a part of a couple.......


Our relationship approach extends to all relationships.

These may include

  • Couples- Hetereosexual, Homeosexual or Lesbian.

  • Friendships

  • Family relationships eg Sibling, parent and child etc.


We have years of practice in working with relationship issues and can work with you in understanding your relationship dynamics and any issues that need to be resolved.



Couples/Relationship Counselling- from £45 per hour

Family Counselling- from £50 per hour


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