What is Psychodynamic Counselling?


There are many different models of psycho- dynamic counselling. All of them with a strong theoretical basis. The model these courses follow is Melanie Klein's Object Relations.


Defining the word psycho and dynamic



Psyche -----thoughts, feelings and spirit.  

Dynamic------Relationships external and internal



Psycho-dynamic approach differs from other forms of therapy because the counsellor remains aware of the developmental issues, using the theoretical knowledge to make definite links between past and present.


Psycho-dynamic approach lends itself to counselling couples and families as well as individuals. Even with individuals it is important to remember that the individual is a member of a sub -group.


The relationship between the client and the counsellor is a crucial  aspect of nearly every school of counselling, psycho-dynamic counselling is no exception. What distinguishes the psycho-dynamic approach is the way in which that relationship is understood.



The Counselling Relationship and Transference


Transference happens in every relationship the client has, 

and therefore makes it the most distinct feature of

psycho-dynamic counselling.


Psycho-dynamic counselling recognises the interdependence

of people and the need to take this in to account when counselling.




Why we have chosen Melanie Kliens Object Relations Model



Melanie Klein had a disagreement with Freud about some of his theories. she worked with children and began to see the whole picture of the past, present and future of the person. Her work was acknowledged by the Tavistock Clinic in London and formed the basis of the Social Services work with children and families. It was also the basis of the work of Marriage Guidance later given the title of  RELATE.


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