What times are appointments available?

Appointments are available weekdays

Mon 09:00am - 6pm

Tue-Wed-Thurs 09:00am - 4pm

Fri 09:00 - 6pm

Appointments are held at Hamilton square Birkenhead 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you counsel couples?

YES. We offer couple and relational counselling


Do I need a referral?

NO. The counselling service is self referral and is open to everyone who needs support

in their life. If you are under Psychiatric care written permission would need to be

obtained prior to the commencement of counselling.

Do you only offer supervision to counsellors?

NO. Supervision is offered to organisations, individual employees, qualified counsellors and counselling students

Do you run short courses/workshops?

YES. We have a range of counselling courses for qualified and student counsellors, 

What should I expect from Counselling?

Expect to be able to speak about your thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment. The counsellor will enable you to explore your issues (both past and present) and assist you in making the necessary changes you require in your life. Counsellors do not give advise. All of our counsellors are professional and work to a strict code of ethics as determined by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

How quickly can I get an appointment and how long will it last?

At Hamilton Counselling we do not have a waiting list and counselling is allocated on first come first served basis subject to the availablity of both client and counsellor. Each session is 60 mins long and it is recommended you have counselling on a weekly basis. The length of time for counselling is dependent on the clients' needs and the presenting issues. Both short term and long term counselling is available.

How much does counselling/ Supervision cost?

Individual Counselling from £45 per hour

Couples Counselling from £45 per hour

Family Counselling from £50 per hour

Individual Counselling for Business employees £45 per hour

Counselling Supervision from £45 

Non Managerial Supervision for Businesses £45 

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We understand that at times appointments can not be kept due to sickness and emergencies, however we do require that at least 24hours notice should be given for cancellations where possible, otherwise the appointment will still require payment.

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